7 Influence

We are discreet sheep; we wait to see how
the drove is going, and then go with the drove.

Mark Twain

Chapter Case Study

  • Twelve Angry Men is reviewed online, and the IMBD site provides link to other sources of information about this film.

General Resources

  • The Solomon Asch Center provides detailed information about a variety of Asch’s studies.
  • Changing Minds provides links and information on a number of ways that individuals influence other individuals. Its theory page includes links to social impact theory, conformity theory, and other relevant conceptual models.
  • Mindchangers provides online access to a British Broadcasting Company’s radio show dealing with Asch’s seminal studies, with commentary by a number of prominent researchers.
  • Jury Decision Making, developed by the National Center for State Courts provides links to a number of key issues pertaining to juries as groups, including size, unanimity requirements, and tendencies to hang

Detailed Accounts of Juries

  • Serial Killer/Most Notorious, part of Court TV’s Crime Library, provides detailed images, accounts, and details about the crimes attributed to Juan Corona, as well as his two trials.
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